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Why using Penny World To build your Warehouse , Penny World Steel gives you the A to Z solution to build your WareHouse , its the ultimate Turn key job that get you ready to go , start and concentrate on your investment with Peace of mind. 

what can we do and supply ? 

• We provide you with the Base Coarse and concrete foundation • Full steel structure epoxy paint nor hot deep galvanised , with any height and sizes you are looking for, that includes bullets and purlin 

• Roofing Solution , sandwich panel or polyester be sure that we provide the best option , sizes and colours that suits your structure and environment • Penny Panel for External wall which provides a superb thermal insulation , water resistant , fast to build and lets not forget its An Australian Fire rated Panel 

• Shutters & Safety exit doors 

• Electrical and Panel Switchboards include cabling. Basically We are a full solution for Warehouses and we can do more on what we have mentioned based on special requests Penny World Supply Metal Warehouses/Steel Warehouse Buildings A Penny World Steel structure for your warehouse can do just that. The strength, durability, flexibility and adaptability of a Whirlwind Steel warehouse structure can reduce the chance of fire, heighten the ability of the structure to sustain severe weather conditions, rot and similar wear as well as provide numerous other advantages in the protection of your assets.Not only can a Penny warehouse save you money in reduced maintenance costs and possibly cut insurance premiums due to its resistance to fire but Penny’s streamlined manufacturing process can help keep construction costs down as well. Our fully customisable buildings can provide great flexibility in designing a structure that best suits your needs but at a reduced price compared to
many warehouses built from other construction materials.

Using Steel Structure Can :

Reduced Costs – Whether you’re considering the costs to build a warehouse or to maintain it, aPenny’s Steel constructed warehouse can save on both. The reduced materials cost, efficient construction process and lowered maintenance expenses of a steel warehouse make it a costeffective solution to your warehouse needs.

Strength – Standing up to wind, rain, fire, rot, infestations, mould, mildew and a litany of other threats, a Penny’s Steel structure can prove its worth in maintaining structural integrity in the face of numerous destructive causes.

Adaptability – A warehouse’s structural needs may change depending upon the growth of the business, the types of items being stored and storage capacity requirements. A Penny’s Steel warehouse provides the capability for less costly and timely structural enhancements or adjustments.

Contact us today for a free quote on your next steel warehouse building.

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