PLC System

Which is the most important set inside the plant , as it is the brain of the production line , this unit contains the main contactors and barkers in addition to the programmable Logic controller (PLC) , with monitoring screen. PLC , is European
brand , programmed by specialist programmers at Penny to manage all manufacturing processes at production plant , which starts from cement silo till the filling machine. The installed program produce a MIMIC screen which simulate the process and let the main operator control the whole process using bottoms on the control panel. This program is also enable the operator to work on either manual or automatic mode , and is ready to modified by any additional modules in the future . All signals , alarms , and feed back signals from all connected inputs from the line can be accumulated , and special reports for top management can be produced by this program , in addition to the web enabling function which can be added to the main program once requested. This software is also can be divided into more than one monitoring station in addition to the main operator ) like factory manager can monitor the process in the same time). And for privacy , this software has levels of authorization to protect from un skilled labors.