Manufactured from hard steel tubes mesh with a considerable thicknesses , designed specially for the capacity of 18 panels for (7.5 cm) and 15 panels for (10 cm) , with 17 moving and adjustable frames that is designed to produce panels with sanded edges fiber cement boards, these frames are open at the sides to monitor panels during filling and enable labors to check fiber boards positioning before filling procedure which prevents any wastage afterwords . A strong German hydraulic unit with a considerable capacity for driving two main jacks which are connected to the main first frame is installed on the back side of the machine , the motor of this hydraulic unit is manually driven by labor to close frames before filling. To close all frames 100% without any leakage , special balancing arms are attached to each machine , and steel rolls on the base of each machine is responsible to apply soft moving for driving panels during pulling procedure (This will keep the molds in a healthy condition). For locking upper molds completely aired pistons locks are positioned on each machine and for leveling the whole machine on the ground a special legs are installed on the bottom for that purpose.